Send SMS messages from your Heroku app

The easy way to integrate SMS

At Blower we specialize in delivering SMS for developers on the
Heroku platform.

We support Ruby, Python, Node.js, Java, PHP, and all the other
languages you can run on Heroku. If you can make an HTTP request,
you can send SMS with Blower…

1 Add Blower to your app

$ heroku addons:add blowerio

2 Send your first message

Send messages by making a simple HTTP request.

In Ruby, you could write:

blower =['BLOWERIO_URL'])
blower['/messages'].post(to: '+123456789', message: 'Hello from Blower')

In Python, you might do it like this:

url = os.environ['BLOWERIO_URL'] + '/messages', data={'to': '+123456789', 'message': 'Hello from Blower'})

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